Breathalyser Calibration

Calibration of breathalysers is needed to maintain the accuracy of the sensor which measures your breath alcohol content.

For workplace alcohol testing, regular calibration is a requirement to remain in compliance.

Calibration is done in-house for all the breathalysers that we supply. We use two different methods for calibrating – wet bath and dry gas. Calibration is required every 6 months, in accordance with AS 3547:2019.

Book in your breathalyser for calibration by filling in the form below. Include all your details then send your breathalyser to us.

Once received, we will calibrate and send back to you again within 24 – 48 hours!

All calibrations are freight free but have an $8 packaging & handling fee.

Alternatively you can download and print off the below calibration form, then send it in with the breathalysers.

Sober Check Calibration Equipment