AlcoSense Precision+ Breathalyser Calibration

The AlcoSense Precision+ Breathalyser Calibration is recommended every 6 – 12 months to keep it accurate and ensure its guarantee of 5 years.

This is verified to the AS 3547:1997 standard. The current standard is the AS 3547:2019, which doesn’t kick into effect until June 2022. This allows you to update your AlcoSense Precision+ Breathalyser before the old standard is superseded.

To calibrate breathalysers, Sober Check uses wet bath calibration. This contains a laboratory-certified ethanol solution at 34°C. Air is blown through the solution to mimic human breath, and used to calibrate the breathalyser.
Your breathalyser will get a quick clean, then the breathalyser is tested to ensure it performs correctly, a combination of straight air and ethanol solutions at different levels.
Calibration usually takes 24 – 48 hours from receiving the breathalyser. It is posted back to you, using the delivery address provided on the calibration form.
There is a section on the form for shipping insurance. With the overloaded courier system, it can be hard to guarantee when your breathalyser will get to you. The shipping insurance covers any issues with courier handling and the possibility of it going missing in transit!

To get an AlcoSense Precision+ Breathalyser Calibration, download the calibration form, print it off, fill it and sent it up with your breathalyser.

To come into compliance with the standard, go to our page about alcohol testers.

AlcoSense Precision+ Breathalyser Calibration