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Overview of Sober Check

Who is Sober Check?

Is your stock held in NZ?

How do I start alcohol testing?

Urine drug testing vs oral fluid drug testing

Benefits from Sober Check

Box quantities for products and expiry dates

How and where do I send my breathalyser for calibration?

Workplace Breathalysers

What are the main drugs tested for in urine and oral fluid drug testing?

Training – Why do I need this and how does it work?

Personal Breathalyser

I think I can see a line but it is really faint, what is the result?

In house drug testing vs 3rd party drug testing

I didn’t think it was legal to do drug testing myself?

My test result is inconclusive, what should I do?

How do I get started with drug testing?

Weekly training email series

Meaning of the word ‘verified’

What is a Synthetic Cannabis dip test?

What medications show up in a drug test?

How do I detect synthetic urine?

How do I run a controls test?

How do I read results? Positive, Negative, Invalid

Sure Step vs Medix

Loyalty Program

We realise you have a choice of where you purchase your drug testing products from. We don’t take your business for granted, so we reward you for your loyalty.

We have set up a Loyalty Program as a way of saying thank-you, and to show that we really do appreciate your business. You don’t need to do anything, we keep track of everything!

Want to get started?


For every 5 boxes of urine testing cups you purchase from us, we will send you a FREE morning tea!

When we dispatch your orders we will include a few chocolates and a card with a record of how many boxes you need before your FREE morning tea is sent out.

Usually the morning tea is a hamper with a mixture of goodies. However, if you have any special dietary needs, we are happy to try to accommodate for this.