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We are NZ’s largest wholesaler of verified drug and alcohol test kits and supply a wide range of industries such as workplaces, medical, DHBs, addiction treatment and individuals.

Workplace Drug Testing

Looking to introduce workplace drug and alcohol testing but not sure where to start?

Contact us now on 0800 700 777 to talk through your drug and alcohol testing requirements – make sure you comply with the new Health & Safety Act. We are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your needs whether it be in-house testing or testing with an occupational health provider.

We are NZ’s largest wholesaler of certified drug and alcohol test kits and supply a wide range of industries such as workplaces, medical, DHBs, addiction treatment and individuals.

Also in progress is the Scout cup, New Zealand’s only drug test designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

We look forward to working with you!

Does your workplace comply with the new Health & Safety Laws?
We can help you to:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents and company liability
  • Save you time and money by doing in-house drug testing

… while maintaining compliance with all applicable standards.


Are you okay to drive, or to go to work?

We can offer you:

  • Free shipping
  • Overnight delivery
  • From entry level to Police-grade breathalysers
  • Medical-grade drug testing equipment

Don’t risk getting caught out – contact us now to discuss your drug and alcohol testing needs.


Want a fast, accurate and cost effective way to test for drugs and alcohol?

We supply a large range of drug and alcohol screening equipment to addiction treatment centres, DHB’s and medical centres nationwide. Screen test and only send ‘positives’ to the lab – we’ll help you save time and money!

Contact us now on 0800 700 777 to discuss your testing requirements.



“I am pleased to offer a glowing testimonial for Sober Check, our trusted partner for the past 8 years. Sober Check consistently delivers drug test kits that meet IANZ accredited standards, ensuring the highest quality. Their commitment to excellence is exemplified in our solid working relationship, marked by proactive engagement in sharing new supplies options and collaborative problem-solving. Notably, Sober Check goes the extra mile in addressing IANZ accreditation related challenges and consistently provides valuable advice. Their attentive approach to listening and timely resolution of any issues has greatly contributed to our seamless experience. We’ve encountered no problems with ordering, setup, or delivery time, making Sober Check an invaluable asset to our Occupational Health day to day operations”

Juliet Robinson – Service Lead at Habit Health


I am not sure if everyone else already knew, but I have found that Sober Check is a service as much as place to buy essential products. The weekly emails of information is forwarded on to all our caseworkers and clinical staff. It is nice to get “junk mail” that is not selling something but offering facts and medical updates. And then, on top of that, they send out morning teas shouts!! Can’t get better than that. Thanks Sober Check!”

Alison – Salvation Army Bridge Programme


“I am just writing to say that I have had absolutely exceptional customer service from Sober Check. They have been so helpful going through the order process, letting me know where I can obtain things Sober Check does not supply and also helping get some stock very urgently on Friday. It has been absolutely awesome and they are fantastic to deal with. Thanks!”

Sian – Occupational Health Nurse


“We’d like to express our gratitude for the exceptional service that you have provided to Working for Health. Your drug testing products have been an invaluable resource for our workplace, allowing us to assist our clients in establishing safe and drug free environments. The accuracy and reliability of your products gives us confidence and peace of mind that we are utilising the best products when providing our services.

We are always impressed by your professionalism and commitment to delivering high-quality products. Your staff are knowledgeable and responsive, answering all of our questions and guiding us through the purchasing process with ease.

We have also appreciated the ongoing support that you have provided, from informal training sessions to technical support. Your team has gone above and beyond to ensure that we are fully satisfied with our purchase, and we feel confident that we have made the right choice in partnering with Sober Check Ltd.

Thank you for your exceptional service and for providing us with such an essential tool for maintaining safe and healthy workplaces. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sober Check Ltd in the years to come.”

Rachael Giddy – Working for Health


“We love the fast, efficient service we receive when placing orders with Sober Check. Nothing is ever a problem. The weekly updates via email provide us with relevant information that benefits our team. We would definitely recommend Sober Check!”

Tessa Allan – Workable


“ I have been using Sober Check since 2018 for the purchase of drug testing kits, and more recently for the lease of a breathalyser. I have always found the service excellent – easy, fast, and efficient. Any interactions I have had with the team is always pleasant; the team are knowledgeable and very helpful. The weekly education sessions are greatly received too. I would highly recommend Sober Check for other businesses.”

Collette – Occupational Health Nurse at Fulton Hogan


“Our business has been purchasing urine drug cups off Sober Check since 2018. We have found them to be excellently priced, super efficient delivery and great customer service.  Best of all, and the main reason we have continued to purchase off Sober Check, there is not a minimum number of drug cups you have to purchase, a box of 25 for example.  We are able to purchase a small amount whether it be 1 cup or 5.  This assists with our stock levels and avoids many expiring before they’re able to be used. We will continue to use Sober Check for our drug cups and recommend to other businesses.

ABLE Personnel Services


“We have been working with Sober Check for the past three years. The excellent customer service team are very responsive in processing requests, orders and answering questions around their high-quality products. The swift turnaround time for orders allows our business to continue without disruption with the use of Sober Check consumables. The loyalty scheme is second to none, our team always delight at the selection of treats which get delivered with the loyalty morning tea. Each box of drug tests comes with a small chocolate treat which is a lovely touch offered by no other supplier in our field.

We would highly recommend the use of Sober Check for the latest advice and products in the workplace drug testing space for their breadth of knowledge, high quality consumables and fantastic customer service.”

Becky – Bay Health & Safety Ltd