Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 Breathalyser Calibration

The Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 breathalyser is designed for industrial and heavy duty usage. This device is excellent to test large volumes of people, in a quick and simple manner. This breathalyser can test up to 240 people per hour. This is ideal for construction sites, bars or anyone looking to test a large volume of people.

The Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 has unlimited testing and an instant recovery for a test that shows 0. Other features which can be added to this unit with an upgrade is:
– a QR reader
– the ability to connect to cellular
– printer for printing tests results
– swipe card capabilities
– numeric key pad
– identification camera

This breathalyser self-calibrates every 24 hours, which means you’ll always have accurate results. The Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 does require a service every 12 months by an Alcolizer approved technician. This service includes changing the gas bottle and anything else that needs to be repaired or replaced.

This breathalyser has the most up-to-date technology as it is verified to the AS 3547:2019 standard.

If you would like to upgrade your current breathalyser from AS 3547:1997 to a breathalyser that is verified and complies with the AS 3547:2019 standard take a look at our range of breath alcohol testers.

Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 Breathalyser Calibration