Alcolizer Wall Mount 3 Breathalyser Calibration

Alcolizer Wall Mount 3 breathalyser calibration is a bit different to other breathalyser calibrations. It is called a service and it is done on-site as they cannot be sent up to us to get calibrated. Costs vary depending on location and travel requirements. A service is recommended every 12 months as the breathalyser self calibrates every 24 hours, meaning it always has accurate and up-to-date data.

The manufacturer of the WM3 has said that in June 2022 they will no longer be repairing or calibrating this breathalyser. It has been upgraded to a new model called the Wall Mount 4 breathalyser.

The Wall Mount 3 has been around for 10 years. Unfortunately this breathalyser won’t be verified to the AS 3547:2019 standard, as it won’t be able to meet the requirements.

We advise you to upgrade your Alcolizer Wall Mount 3 to an Alcolizer Wall Mount 4.

If you would prefer a hand held breathalyser that is verified to the new standard, for your workplace alcohol testing, visit our page on alcohol testers.

To upgrade your Alcolizer WM3 to a breathalyser that is verified and complies with the AS 3547:2019 standard take a further look at our accurate breathalyser range.

Alcolizer Wall Mount 3 Breathalyser Calibration