Alcolizer Easy Check Breathalyser Calibration

The Alcolizer Easy Check breathalyser calibration is where you get your breathalyser sent up to us to get calibrated so we can check and adjust the accuracy of it.

The Easy Check breathalyser has an on-screen notification for when the breathalyser is due for calibration. The Easy Check breathalyser is required to be calibrated every 12 months.

Download the calibration form below by simply clicking the button. Fill in all the details on the form and then send it to us to get your breathalyser calibrated. We will send out your breathalyser within 48 hours of receiving it into our warehouse.

The Alcolizer Easy Check breathalyser is a personal breathalyser and it is not recommended for workplace testing. Personal breathalysers typically have a lifespan of 2 – 3 years. This breathalyser is verified to the AS/NZS 3547:1997 standard.

The 3547 standard was updated in 2019, so it is now the AS/NZS 3547:2019 standard. The Easy Check breathalyser won’t be verified to this standard. The 1997 standard won’t be superseded until June 2022, so you still have a bit of time to update your breathalyser.

If you aren’t after an Alcolizer Easy Check breathalyser calibration, head over and look at our alcohol breath testers available for sale.

Alcolizer Easy Check Breathalyser Calibration