SC5000 Pro Breathalyser Calibration

Sober Check sold the SC5000 Pro Breathalyser from 2016 through to 2017. Although we no longer sell this breathalyser, we can still calibrate it.

To send in you SC5000 Pro Breathalyser for calibration, fill in the calibration form below. This has the address, costs, and instructions, note that there is now shipping insurance (in case your breathalyser goes missing in delivery). Print it out, fill it in and send it to us along with your breathalyser.

Once we your breathalyser arrives we will receive it in. We will calibrate your breathalyser (to ensure the calibration has been successful). Within 48 hours of receiving the breathalyser here at Sober Check we will send it back to you. All shipping is free.

We recommend that workplaces should not use the SC5000 Pro Breathalyser for workplace testing. We decided to obsolete this breathalyser about 4 years ago and now it is no longer available for purchase.

Technology has advanced significantly since the manufacturing of this product. For example the ability to do passive testing has now been around for 10+ years. Passive testing is how the police conduct alcohol testing on the roadside, you talk into the breathalyser, then a breath sample is captured by the click of a button.

To update your breathalyser, see our accurate breathalyser range.

SC5000 Breathalyser Calibration