Drunk Buster Goggles, Totally Wasted, Orange Strap

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Drunk Buster Goggles – Totally Wasted. High level, BAC of .26-.35, Orange Strap.

How it looks when you receive it:

  • Goggles
  • Instructors guide (for quick and easy usage)
  • Bag to store the goggles in

Used in training courses and driving programs to raise awareness about the impact drugs and alcohol have on driving. Also used with obstacles or in team activities, to show how hard and dangerous driving under the influence is.

By simulating the effect on our eyes the Drunk Buster Goggles Totally Wasted Orange Strap, help people to understand the severity of driving under the influence.

Drunk Buster Goggles help portray the importance of staying safe while driving on roads, keeping ourselves, friends and family safer.

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The Lifeloc LT7 breathalyser is the one we are highly recommending. This is a workplace breathalyser that is verified to the new AS 3547:2019 workplace alcohol testing standard. This alcohol breath tester uses the same fuel cell sensor technology as Police breathalysers, meaning that it will give you an accurate and reliable digital reading of your alcohol level. Therefore it is most suitable for large workplaces, third-party testing providers, bars and clubs and medical testing.

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