Lifeloc FC10 Breathalyser

$895.00 + GST

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The Lifeloc FC10 is verified to the AS 3547:1997 breathalyser standard.

It is a high quality unit made in the USA. This alcohol breath tester uses the same fuel cell sensor technology as the Police breathalysers, so will give you a accurate and reliable digital reading of your alcohol level – in fact it is used by the Police in most of the states of USA.

There are three different modes for testing. This includes being able to test without using a mouthpiece. No waiting around for test results as it has very fast reacting times.

Suitable for workplaces, bars and clubs and medical testing.

Enquire further for the following:

  • Lease option – $45 per month
  • Short term rental – $200 per month
  • Trial & Evaluation programme – trial the breathalyser for one month!