Easy Check Breathalyser

$499.00 + GST

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The Easy Check is a personal breathalyser, not recommended for workplace testing. This breathalyser is verified to the AS 3547:1997 which is the old breathalyser standard. In 2019, the standard was updated to the AS 3547:2019 standard. If you are looking for a breathalyser that is verified to the new breathalyser standard, you need to look at the Lifeloc LT7.

The EasyCheck breathalyser isn’t verified to the new breathalyser workplace standard. Due to this, we highly recommend using this breathalyser for personal testing only. We do not recommend this breathalyser for workplace testing.

Personal breathalyser have a lifespan of 2 – 3 years. When using breathalysers it is important to remember not to take a test until 15 minutes after eating, drinking or smoking.Even foods such as fresh bread can give small alcohol reading! 15 minutes of waiting will clear the reading and show the correct result.

The Easy Check has electrochemical fuel cell sensors. This is the same technology as police breathalysers, while still being an affordable price.

If you are after a cheaper personal use breathalyser, we suggest you look at the DriveSafe Exec personal use breathalyser. The DriveSafe is also affordable, accurate and recommended for personal use only.

We will calibrate your Easy Check breathalyser before dispatch. Calibration is every 6 – 12 months after that.

Call us on 0800 700 777 or email support@sobercheck.co.nz to enquire further.