Lifeloc LT7 Breathalyser

$1,295.00 + GST

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The Lifeloc LT7 is a workplace breathalyser verified to AS 3547:2019, the new standard for workplace alcohol breathalysers.

It is a high quality breathalyser made in the USA. This alcohol breath tester uses the same fuel cell sensor technology as the Police breathalysers, so will give you an accurate and reliable digital reading of your alcohol level.

Comes with a free pack of mouthpieces, and a 6 month calibration certificate certifying that the LT7 breathalyser is verified and operating within specified parameters.

There are three different modes for testing. This includes being able to test without using a mouthpiece. No waiting around for test results as it has very fast reacting times.

Suitable for large workplaces, third-party testing providers, bars and clubs and medical testing.

Enquire further for the following:

  • Lease option – $65 per month
  • Short term rental – $200 per month
  • Trial & Evaluation programme – trial the breathalyser for one month!