Lifeloc L-Series Mouthpieces, bag of 150

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The Lifeloc L-series mouthpieces are disposable and come individually wrapped for added convenience.

Supplied in packs of 150 mouthpieces.

These mouthpieces are for L-series breathalysers, and clip onto the top for easy use. These Lifeloc L-series mouthpieces have 360 degree rotational action, designed so you can spin the mouthpiece around and test from any angle.

Designed with easy removal tab once testing is complete.

These include:

  • Lifeloc LT7
  • Lifeloc LX9

The Lifeloc LT7 breathalyser is verified to the AS 3547:2019, and is most commonly used for workplace testing. Third-party testing providers, bars and clubs and medical testing also use this breathalyser. There is no waiting around for test results as the LT7 has very fast reacting times.

There are three different modes for testing. Among these is the option to test without using a mouthpiece if the donor prefers this.

Made in the USA, this alcohol breath tester uses the same fuel cell sensor technology as the Police breathalysers. Therefore, it will give you an accurate and reliable digital reading of your alcohol level.

Purchase and lease options are available for this breathalyser model.

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