DRIVESAFE™ Exec Breathalyser

$465.00 + GST

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The DriveSafe™ exec breathalyser is a personal breathalyser verified to the AS 3547:1997 breathalyser standard.

The DriveSafe™ exec is the perfect choice for individuals wanting an accurate and durable personal breathalyser. It is not recommended for a workplace setting.

The DriveSafe™ has a lifespan of around 2 – 3 years and is one of the more accurate personal breathalysers. Therefore it is very easy to use with test results given in 4 simple steps.

The US has used these breathalysers for the past 25 years. The DriveSafe exec uses an advanced electrochemical fuel cell sensor, the same sensor technology used in the police breathalysers!

Used by individuals who are serious about accuracy and want to be able to make an informed decision about their alcohol level before they drive.

The DriveSafe mouthpieces are designed for this breathalyser. These come in packs of 25, individually wrapped and are disposable for added convenience and hygiene.

If you are after a high quality workplace breathalyser, we have the Lifeloc LT7 available which is verified to AS 3547:2019, the new standard for workplace alcohol breathalysers. This breathalyser is suitable for large workplaces, third-party testing providers, bars and clubs and medical testing.

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