Sober Check have supplied breathalysers in NZ since we started in 2005. You’ve come to the right place to find alcohol breathalysers!

We began with personal breathalyers in 2005, then added in workplace breathalysers in 2008. Since then we have sold thousands of rbeathalysers to workplaces and consumers around New Zealand.

If a workplace has ever tested you for alcohol, or if a friend has ever loaned you their breathalyser, chances are high that the breathalyser came from Sober Check.

We have excellent support and advice available. For after-sales service and calibration, we offer a turnaround of 24 to 48 hours.

Workplace breathalysers

For alcohol testing in workplaces, you need to follow the standard for alcohol breathalysers.

The most recent version is AS 3547:2019. We recommend the Lifeloc LT7 Breathalyser, which is compliant with this standard (see the product page for the certificate).

If an employment lawyer challenges the test results in court, they will hold up under the current standard.

For companies with older drug & alcohol testing policies, these may still specify AS 3547:1997. In this case, we recommend the Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser.

Workplace breathalysers are quite different to personal breathalysers. They are engineered to be more robust, handle testing groups of people quicker, have a passive testing option for getting a POS or NEG result without needing a mouthpiece, and have an estimated lifespan of 7 – 10 years. Both breathalysers have a 12 month warranty.

Each of these are police-grade breathalysers.

Personal breathalysers

Personal breathalysers are a strong case of, you get what you pay for!
Keychain breathalysers become wildly inaccurate after 2 – 3 uses. Calibration fails quickly, and you find that you paid $40 for an expensive toy.

Sober Check only sells quality breathalysers. Each of the below breathalysers has a 12 month warranty.

If you would use a breathalyser regularly (multiple times a month), would use it for testing friends when you’re out at a bar, and want an expected breathalyser lifespan of 7 – 10 years — we recommend the Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser. This is a police-grade breathalyser, and is what the team at Sober Check use for ourselves.

If a lower-cost breathalyser is more important to you, we recommend the DRIVESAFE Exec breathalyser or Easy Check breathalyser. These have an expected lifespan of 2 – 3 years.

A note on care and maintenance

Organic components inside the breathalyser dry out if they’re not used.

Don’t put your breathalyser in a warm dry cupboard, or car glovebox, and leave it there for several months. Although you may think you’re keeping it safe, it is the worst thing you can do!
Keep your breathalyser in use, send it back for calibration when it comes due, and keep it from being dropped/damaged, and it will serve you well.