Alcohol interlock devices are provided by Smart Start Interlocks

Sober Check was the exclusive distributor for Smart Start Inc. (the leading alcohol interlock providers) from 2010 onwards.

We worked extensively with government in getting the law changed to mandate alcohol interlock devices for repeat drink drivers — changing behaviour and keeping the roads safer for all.

This involved setting up an extensive network of auto-electricians around the country to install and service. This network covers from Kaitaia to Invercargill, and everywhere in between.

In 2016, Minister Craig Foss announced that the interlock legislation covering this would be changing.

Installation of alcohol interlocks changed from being discretionary, to being mandatory for repeat drink drivers.
This covers people who have been charged with drink driving twice or more within the previous five years, or twice over the limit on their first time.

In 2017, this was split off into a separate company: Smart Start Interlocks — separating drinking from driving.
Since then, over 10,000 drink drive attempts have been prevented!

You contact Smart Start Interlocks on:

If you’ve been sentenced to an alcohol interlock, we recommend you call the Smart Start Interlocks team on 0800 002 182. They are experienced at discussing the particulars of your situation, and giving you the information you need to get to the next stage of your sentence.

Voluntary alcohol interlocks are also common. These are useful where you are afraid that you, or someone else, is at risk of driving while under the influence.
Installing an alcohol interlock in your vehicle makes this physically impossible.
It is also a great way to retrain behaviour that has been learnt over many years — changing “have a drink, go for a drive” to “have a drink, try to go for a drive, ask someone else for a ride”.

Alternately, if you’re after an alcohol breathalyser for personal use, we’d recommend the Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser or the DriveSafe exec breathalyser.

Picture of an alcohol interlock device