Incontinence sheets 10pk

$12.00 + GST

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Incontinence sheets are used in urine drug testing to reduce spillages, improve hygiene and keep a testing station tidy.

They are made with high quality textiles and polymers that can absorb almost any liquid spills and come in packs of 10 sheets.

Placing incontinence sheets across the surface of your drug testing station when handling samples, catches any drips or spills. This keeps your station clean and hygienic and helps the drug testing process to run smoothly!

Incontinence sheets are used by a range of customers that are interested in keeping hygiene standards, while carrying out a drug test.

Gloves are also available for urine drug testing here: Disposable gloves. Along with incontinence sheets, gloves are used in drug testing to further avoid contamination and keep a work station clean.

Other drug testing essentials such as blueing tablets, drug test collection books, syringes and more are also available. Once you have these you will need the urine drug testing cups to run the test. Our Urine drug cups are listed below:

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