Blueing Tablets

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Blueing tablets prevent urine samples being tampered with and false results being given.

Blue is the only colour not found in human urine, therefore these are highly effective!

Simply drop one of the tablets into the toilet cistern prior to a drug screening test. Next, wait for the water to turn blue before conducting the test. This simply prevents the donor using the toilet water to dilute their sample because the water will then be blue and will show up immediately!

If you are struggling with employees diluting their urine samples, use of blueing tablets will minimize that risk.

Used by workplaces and testers to minimize the threat of adulteration to a drug sample. As a result, these blueing tablets make the drug testing process a lot easier.

Supplied in bottles of 100 tablets.

After using these you will need drug testing cups to carry out the test:

Incontinence sheets, disposable gloves, chain of custody forms and other products are available here to help you complete your urine drug test!

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