Drug Test Collection Book, 50 tests/150 pages

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The Chain of Custody drug test collection book is for obtaining donor consent and details, when conducting a drug screening test.

Sections for drug test results (urine and saliva), alcohol, and synthetic cannabis are in the book.

Details included in the book are: donors name, employer’s name, contact details for those involved, medication taken by the donor, specimen type, drug test results and more.

This book has 50 test pages printed in triplicate, carbon copy (150 total pages). This means there is one copy for the donor, one copy for the employer and one for the laboratory. This makes it very easy to share the necessary information with the right people!

Drug testing products used with the Chain of Custody book are:

If you are after saliva drug testing products to go with a chain of custody book, you can visit the Oral Fluid drug testing section on our website.

This collection book is used by anyone doing testing to the AS/NZS 4308:2008 Standard.

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