Syringe (1mL), pack of 10

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Syringe (1mL), pack of 10.

These syringes’ are used when running Control Solutions tests on drug kits.

The AS/NZS 4308:2008 standard states under A3.2 (e) Each day, immediately prior to the testing of the specimens at the collecting site and for each new lot number, a minimum of one above cut-off and one below cut-off quality control for each drug class on the device used shall be run.

When running a Controls test you will draw up 1mL of control solution into the syringe. Then squirt the solution into the drug cup or drop onto reagent strips to test product performance. The test will then run.

For any test you should always see the control line, this is a line beside the C.
You should receive the control line and a test line if it is the negative control solution (-50%) and you should receive just the control line if you are doing a positive controls test (+50%).

Ensure a new syringe is used each time a controls test is performed. If the syringe is not changed the cross contamination of the two solutions will alter the test results.

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