Lifeloc LT7 Breathalyser – User Training

$150.00 + GST

Sober Check offers a 30 minute virtual training course for the use and maintenance of our Lifeloc LT7 breathalyser.
If you have recently purchased an LT7 and are unsure how to navigate around it, this is the course for you! Upon successful completion of this module, you will be issued a certificate of competency as evidence that you have received training in the usage of the Lifeloc LT7 breathalyser.

Investment of $150 + GST per attendee.

Follow the link to book in a virtual course with one of our team and we will be in touch to arrange.

What the course covers:
– Testing in passive mode
– Testing in auto mode
– Testing in manual mode
– Looking up test records and data
– Breathalyser calibration