Easy Check Mouthpieces – pack of 100

$65.00 + GST

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Individually wrapped, disposable mouthpieces for the Easy Check personal use breathalyser. These individually wrapped Easy Check mouthpieces means improved hygiene and easy disposal so that breath alcohol testing is easier.

The Easy Check personal use breathalyser is not verified to the new AS 3547:2019 breathalyser standard. This breathalyser has capacity for personal use testing so we don’t recommend using for workplace testing. Results will show within 15 minutes of testing.

The lifespan of an Easy Check breathalyser is typically around 2 – 3 years.

These breathalyser mouthpieces are one-time use, and are disposed of after. In order to extend their usage, put them in the dishwasher and use them again!

Supplied in packs of 100.

If you do not require this many Easy Check mouthpieces, call us on 0800 700 777 or email us at support@sobercheck.co.nz. From here, we can work out an option that suits you the best!

If you are looking to purchase a breathalyser that is verified to the new standard, you may visit our product page for the Lifeloc LT7, lease options also available. Like the Easy Check breathalyser, the Lifeloc LT7 has the same fuel cell sensor technology as the Police breathalysers. Therefore, it will give you an accurate and reliable digital reading of your alcohol level.