AlcoTest 6510 mouthpieces, bag of 100

$60.00 + GST

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The AlcoTest 6510 mouthpieces are for the AlcoTest 6510 breathalysers.

These mouthpieces are disposable and come individually wrapped for your added convenience. Having disposable mouthpieces makes the breath testing more hygienic as once you have finished testing others, you can simply dispose of the mouthpieces in the bin!

Supplied in packs of 50 AlcoTest mouthpieces.

If you are looking to purchase a newer model, high quality breathalyser, we have the Lifeloc LT7 available that is verified to the new AS 3547:2019 workplace breathalyser testing standard. As a result, this breathalyser is used in medical centres, bars and clubs, large workplaces, and third party testing providers.

The Lifeloc FC10 is also available however this is only verified to the AS 3547:1997 breathalyser standard and does not comply with the new breathalyser standard.

Both the FC10 and the LT7 are sturdy, good quality breathalysers. Each breathalyser includes the same fuel cell sensor technology as Police breathalysers. This ensures accurate and reliable digital readings of your alcohol level. We currently have a trade-in option running currently which allows you to trade-in your Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser. Depending on the age and condition you get a discount off the price of the Lifeloc LT7 breathalyser.