SC3000 Breathalyser Calibration

You’ve come to the right page to learn how to get an SC3000 breathalyser calibration!

Download the calibration form below by simply clicking the button. Fill in all the details on the form and then send it to us to get your breathalyser calibrated. We will send out your breathalyser within 48 hours of receiving it into our warehouse. SC3000 breathalyser calibration is easy!

The SC3000 was the one of the first breathalysers Sober Check sold, prior to 2010! The SC3000 used semi-oxide sensor technology. This became outdated when fuel cell sensor technology became available, which is what is used in police/good grade breathalysers.

As you can see below in the picture, there has been vast changes to breathalysers since we sold the SC3000. The design and layout of breathalysers has advanced with the inclusion of more buttons for ease of use.

A bit of time has passed since then, with the most up-to-date breathalyser being the Lifeloc LT7. This is an extremely accurate breathalyser, with the same fuel cell sensor technology as the police grade breathalysers. The Lifeloc LT7 has the ability to do passive testing, as well as the auto testing. Passive testing is a quick and easy way to test your staff.

To purchase a new breathalyser, see our overview for breathalysers in NZ to purchase.

SC3000 Breathalyser Calibration