Rapid Antigen Testing FAQs

How do we get hold of the tests? What do we need to do?

You can buy rapid antigen tests in NZ on Sober Check’s website.

Are they accurate?

Yes, the rapid antigen tests are accurate, they demonstrated specificity of 99.3% and sensitivity of 94% in clinical trials.
They have been approved by the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, the TGA in Australia, and the FDA in USA.

Are businesses allowed to use rapid antigen tests?

Yes, the Ministry of Health approved all NZ businesses to use this method of testing back in December 2021. 

Do we need someone independent to do testing?

No, you don’t.
It’s about keeping your staff safe and letting someone quickly learn if they have been infected so they can isolate.

Do you do discounts for larger quantities?

Yes, absolutely. 
Contact us on 0800 700 777 or support@sobercheck.co.nz to enquire further.

How long does it take to run a rapid antigen test?

10 minutes for the Pantonic CareStart test, and 15 minutes for the Siemens CLINITEST, the Orient Gene test and the Abbot Panbio test.

Can I test myself?

Yes, you can, however we recommend that you get certification so that others accept the test result.
This only applies to NZ businesses.

How are the other companies testing their staff?

Some companies are testing their staff every week, or two weeks. 
Others that have travelling reps or service agents, test them before they come back into the office each time.
Some have clients who will not allow them on-site without proof of a test.