DrugFree Sites Urine Collection Book, 25 tests/75 pages

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The DrugFree Sites urine collection book is for recording urine drug test results and obtaining donor consent.

This book has 25 test pages printed in triplicate (75 pages). As a result, there is a copy for the employer, a copy for the donor and a copy for the laboratory. This essentially makes it easier to share the necessary information with the right people!

Details such as the donors name, employers name, details for both, specimen type, test results and other important information are included in this book.

A section to record alcohol test results is in the DrugFree Sites urine collection book.

This collection book can used by anyone testing to the AS/NZS 4308:2008 Standard. Many workplaces, medical centres, employment agencies and addiction treatment centres utilise this book to record their urine drug testing results.

Drug testing cups used with this book are:

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If you are wanting a drug test urine collection book with more pages, the Chain of Custody drug test collection book is available with 50 tests / 150 pages.