DrugFree Sites Oral Fluid Collection Book, 25 tests/75 pages

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The DrugFree Sites oral fluid collection book records oral fluid drug test results and obtains donor consent to testing. This collection book is used alongside the CT Oral Scan and other saliva tests. This is so testers can carry out oral fluid drug testing on staff and in the workplace.

The book has 25 test pages printed in triplicate (75 pages). This means there is a copy for the donor, collector and the requesting authority/employer, therefore making it easy to share necessary information with the correct people!

The DrugFree Sites oral fluid book includes an additional section to record alcohol test results.

This is used by anyone who is testing to the AS/NZS 4760:2019 Standard.

Most commonly used by those that prefer saliva drug testing over urine drug testing. Further to this, many workplaces, medical centres, employment agencies and addiction treatment centres use this book to record their saliva drug test results.

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