Disposable Gloves 200pk – Large

$28.00 + GST

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These nitrile disposable gloves have textured fingertips for better grip. Please note these are size large.

These gloves are latex free, powder free and are up to medical grade standard. Essentially, they are really comfortable and keep your hand safe from coming in touch with contaminants!

Available for purchase in a box of 200 disposable gloves.

Along with gloves, incontinence sheets are used to further avoid spillages and keep a testing station clean when carrying out a drug screening test.

Gloves are often worn by the person conducting the drug test with products such as the Medix Pro-split drug cup (verified to the AS/NZS 4308:2008 standard)  to minimise contamination when handling samples. Gloves help keep the drug testing process more hygienic and clean.

Other drug testing cups available are:

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