Buy COVID-19 rapid antigen tests in NZ. $3.99+ GST per test.

Last updated 17 March 2022.
Sober Check is the authorised New Zealand distributor for the Orient Gene rapid antigen test (COVID-19 RAT), offering customers guaranteed supply. In fact we are currently in-stock and any orders can be dispatched immediately!

This is approved by the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, and comes in boxes of 20 self-tests (20 x individual vials of buffer fluid), as well as packs of 5 tests (5 x individual vials of buffer fluid).

Purchase rapid antigen tests

Boxes of 20, $3.99 + GST per test: Orient Gene COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test (for workplaces), box of 20

Boxes of 5, $3.99 + GST per test: Orient Gene COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test, pack of 5

We’ll dispatch your order on the next courier run.

Under the Full Exemption of Certain COVID-19 Point-of-care Tests Under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Point-of-care Tests) Order 2021 notice, anyone in New Zealand can purchase and use rapid antigen tests.

Bulk purchases for resale

Incoming Shipments of Rapid Antigen Tests

Please note: with the current demand around rapid antigen tests, airfreight is significantly slower. If airfreight carriers don’t have capacity to pick up an entire order, they will bring stock into the country in dribs and drabs.
The estimates below are not firm estimates, and we’ll update them as the situation progresses.
Sober Check makes no guarantee about the date the tests will arrive, as there is significant uncertainty around shipping.

Shipment NameETA (week of)Status
Shipment A
300,000 tests
Landed 22 February 2022.Received, and distributed to customers!
Shipment B
300,000 tests
Landed 24 February 2022. Received, and distributed to customers!
Shipment C
1,500,000 tests
Flight #1 landed 23 February 2022.
Flight #2 landing 25 February 2022.
Entire shipment is allocated to customers
In the process of distribution currently.
Shipment D
500,000 tests
Landed 7th March 2022.In the process of allocating to customers.
Shipment E
Taking enquiries
21st March – 1st April 2022.Taking customer enquiries to determine shipment size.

Supply Process

How it works is:

  1. We are bringing in shipments of the Orient Gene rapid antigen test.
  2. Customers contact us and commit to a certain quantity of rapid antigen tests. We put the stock on that shipment on hold, pending deposit.
  3. Next, customers have one week to place a 50% deposit to secure the stock. Once done, customers have a firm promise of stock availability and a date when it will be available.
    If a deposit isn’t received, the stock becomes generally available again to other buyers.
  4. Finally, the stock lands in New Zealand and is distributed out to customers.

Bulk pricing

Bulk pricing is available for quantities of:

  • 1,000 or more tests — 100% deposit
  • 2,000 or more tests — 100% deposit
  • 10,000 or more tests — 100% deposit
  • 100,000 or more tests — 50% deposit, remaining 50% when stock lands in NZ
  • 200,000 or more tests — 50% deposit, remaining 50% when stock lands in NZ
  • 500,000 or more tests — 50% deposit, remaining 50% when stock lands in NZ
  • 1,000,000 or more tests — 50% deposit, remaining 50% when stock lands in NZ

Reseller arrangements are welcome.
Pallet size: 1.14m x 1.44m x 1.32m, 290kg per pallet, and each pallet holds 15,000 tests.
Carton size: 72cm x 42cm x 39cm, 18kg per carton.
Box size: 20cm x 14cm x 7cm.

To secure stock, contact us on:
Email —
Phone — 0800 700 777
Website enquiry — Contact Us page

What about the Ministry of Health?

We’ve now brought 3 shipments totalling 2.1 million tests in, and all have landed without a squeak from the Ministry of Health.
We’re confident that the danger of the Ministry of Health requisitioning shipments is now over.

In the extremely low chance of the Minstry of Health requisitioning stock, we would offer customers the choice of keeping their deposit in for the next shipment, or of getting a refund for their deposit.

New Zealand Regulations about Rapid Antigen Tests

Sober Check has set up an email group to circulate updates and availability. Sign up here: Covid-19 rapid test signup

The New Zealand government has approved every business in New Zealand to use COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, under the Revocation and Replacement—Authorisations and Exemptions of Point of Care Tests order.

Alternative Rapid Antigen Tests

Sober Check also supplies two other types of rapid antigen tests:
Pantonic CareStart – out of stock
This gives results in 10 minutes. CareStart Rapid Antigen Test (for workplace use), pack of 20 (
$330.00 + GST, pack of 20.
This is a home-branded test, but is identical to (and has been approved for use as) the point-of-care-branded test.
Current stock expires end of June 2022.

Siemens CLINITEST – out of stock
This gives results in 15 minutes. CLINITEST Rapid Antigen Test (for workplaces), box of 20, (
$290.00 + GST, pack of 20.
Approved for Covid-19 testing.

All testers are recommended to undertake an online training course, and demonstrate understanding of Ministry of Health guidance and test usage instructions.

Both non-Orient Gene tests are currently out of stock. An ETA for more stock is currently unclear, due to uncertainty and may be subject to change as conditions evolve.
We suggest that everyone order the Orient Gene test, based on pricing and availability.

Due to the unprecedented demand for this product, NO REFUNDS for order cancellations will be accepted once an order has been placed.

Who is Sober Check?

We’re a business located in Northland, involved in supplying drug & alcohol testing equipment since 2005.
In 2013, we also became a contractor to NZTA for the alcohol interlock programme. After some years, this split off into a separate business — see Smart Start Interlocks.
With the rise of COVID-19, we began selling rapid antigen tests. This was a natural fit for Sober Check, having always specialised in accurate testing equipment.
Since the Ministry of Health opened rapid antigen tests up for New Zealand, we’ve brought in 2.1 million tests and have more shipments incoming.