Buy COVID-19 rapid antigen tests in NZ.

Sober Check is the authorised New Zealand distributor for Codi-19 Rapid Antigen Tests.

Purchase rapid antigen tests

Boxes of 25, $3.00 + GST per test: FlowFlex Rapid Antigen Test, pack of 25

Boxes of 5, $3.99 + GST per test: FlowFlex COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test, pack of 5

We’ll dispatch your order on the next courier run.

Under the Full Exemption of Certain COVID-19 Point-of-care Tests Under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Point-of-care Tests) Order 2021 notice, anyone in New Zealand can purchase and use rapid antigen tests.

Who is Sober Check?

We’re a business located in Northland, involved in supplying drug & alcohol testing equipment since 2005.
In 2013, we also became a contractor to NZTA for the alcohol interlock programme. After some years, this split off into a separate business — see Smart Start Interlocks.
With the rise of COVID-19, we began selling rapid antigen tests. This was a natural fit for Sober Check, having always specialised in accurate testing equipment.
Since the Ministry of Health opened rapid antigen tests up for New Zealand, we’ve brought in 2.1 million tests and have more shipments incoming.