Lifeloc FC5 Breathalyser Calibration

The Lifeloc FC5 breathalyser calibration is available for you, to get your breathalyser up-to-date, accurate and calibrated. Sober Check are the only authorised calibration agent for these breathalysers in New Zealand.

The Lifeloc FC5 breathalyser is passive-only: it will only give you POS or NEG results. This means that if you receive a positive result, you will be unable to determine the actual reading. This breathalyser is excellent for any testing that requires an alcohol tolerance of 0. If the donor returns a positive test, it means that the Lifeloc FC5 breathalyser ha detected the presence of alcohol.

Send your breathalyser to us for calibration. Address, costs, and instructions are on the below calibration form. Print it out, fill it in and send it to us along with your breathalyser.

The process of the Lifeloc FC5 breathalyser calibration is as follows; we receive your breathalyser, calibrate it, and send it back to you on free shipping within 48 hours.

Did you know, the breathalyser standard has been updated. It is now the AS 3547:2019 standard, a change from the 1997 standard.

To update your breathalyser to the Lifeloc LT7 (which is verified to the new standard), check out our range of breathalysers in NZ.

Lifeloc FC5 Breathalyser Calibration