OneScreen Urine Alcohol Dip Test, box of 25

$156.25 + GST

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The OneScreen Alcohol Dip Test is a way to detect alcohol in urine.
This is an alternative to a breath alcohol tester, commonly referred to as a breathalyser.

It’s quick and easy to use with fast results – you will see a result within 5 minutes of testing. Just dip the test in urine for approximately 15 to 30 seconds, and wait for a reading to show. This test is often used alongside urine drug screening cup testing, to further test for alcohol impairment.

If a breathalyser is what you are after, go to the section on our website about Alcohol Testing. We have a range of personal and workplace breathalysers available for purchase or lease.
This is definitely not as accurate as a breathalyser. Overall, this test ends up being more expensive than a breathalyser, approximately $6.00 per test compared to 50 cents each test.

This OneScreen urine alcohol dip test does not comply with the AS 3547:2019 breathalyser standard or the AS/NZ 4308:2008 urine drug testing standard.
Most commonly used by workplaces, schools, medical centres and addiction treatment centres.

If you are after urine testing products that test for drug abuse, you can visit the section on our website about Urine Drug Testing.

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