SC5000 Breathalyser Calibration

A SC5000 breathalyser calibration is very easy!

Sober Check sold this breathalyser from 2013 to 2015. As a company we decided to obsolete the breathalyser, due to the advancement in technology with other breathalysers (including the SC5000 pro breathalyser). Although we no longer sell this breathalyser we will still calibrate it.

Send up your breathalyser with the breathalyser calibration form below. This contains the address, costs, and instructions are on the below calibration form. Print it out, fill it in and send it to us along with your breathalyser.

We will receive your breathalyser, calibrate it, and send it back to you on free shipping.

Did you know? The SC in SC5000 breathalyser stands for Sober Check! The SC3000, SC5000 and SC5000 Pro breathalysers were a unique range for Sober Check’s customers.

These breathalysers have been around for many years – we still have some coming them in for calibration! The SC5000 breathalyser is a personal breathalyser, which means it has a lifespan of around 2 – 3 years. That is why we find it surprising to see these still coming back to us for calibrations. We do not recommend workplaces to be using this breathalyser, as it is not accurate enough for workplace testing. This is due to it not being verified to any breathalyser standard. Therefore it does not have the ability to give confirmatory results.

Send it on up to get an SC5000 breathalyser calibration!

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SC5000 Breathalyser Calibration