Lifeloc LT7 Breathalyser Calibration

Sober Check are the exclusive agents for the Lifeloc LT7 breathalyser calibration.

The Lifeloc LT7 is our newest breathalyser! It is verified to the new AS 3547:2019 standard. This breathalyser is a model up from the Lifeloc FC10, it still has the ability to do auto and passive testing.

Many companies are switching to this breathalyser from the Lifeloc FC10. The new standard kicked into effect in June 2022. We have a buy-back scheme running where you can hand in your Lifeloc FC10 and get a discount of the price of a new Lifeloc LT7, depending on the condition and age of the breathalyser.

Send your breathalyser to us for calibration. Address, costs, and instructions are on the below calibration form. Print it out, fill it in and send it to us along with your breathalyser.

We will receive your breathalyser, calibrate it, and send it back to you on free shipping. You now have the ability to choose shipping insurance, this is $11.50 incl GST. It covers loss or damage to your breathalyser in return shipping.

It’s that easy to get a Lifeloc LT7 breathalyser calibration!

Lifeloc LT7 Breathalyser Calibration