LifeGuard Breathalyser Calibration

Welcome to the LifeGuard breathalyser calibration page!

The LifeGuard breathalyser (is now superseded, but we will calibrate this unit) is a premium personal breathalyser that Sober Check sold from 2010 through to 2018.

Sober Check are the exclusive calibration agents for this breathalyser in New Zealand.

Send your breathalyser to us for calibration. Address, costs, and instructions are on the below calibration form. Print it out, fill it in and send it to us along with your breathalyser.

We will receive your breathalyser, calibrate it, and send it back to you on free shipping. That’s a LifeGuard breathalyser calibration done!

Please do be aware — as a personal breathalyser, the expected lifespan is around 2 – 3 years. In contrast, a workplace breathalyser has a lifespan of around 5 – 10 years.
If you’re likely to use your breathalyser over a long period of time, we encourage you to purchase a workplace-grade breathalyser… this will save a lot more money in the long run!

In 2019, the AS 3547 was changed and the standard was updated to the AS 3547:2019. The standard doesn’t kick into effect until June 2022, so there is still a bit of time to change your breathalyser to come into compliance with the standard. To upgrade your current breathalyser, see our range of breathalysers (alcohol meters) on our website.

LifeGuard breathalyser calibration