Shipping is an issue: order early, keep a stock of equipment on hand

Almost all drug testing equipment used in New Zealand is manufactured in China, so we are subject to the same shipping issues that almost every other industry is now facing.

Sea shipments are taking an extra month to arrive currently, and if a shipment is delayed it can take another 2 – 3 months to arrive.

Sober Check is upping our order levels to keep more drug testing equipment in New Zealand, but different products are affected differently

To make sure your business is safe:

  • Keep equipment in reserve yourself. If you usually order monthly, order two months’ worth in your next order.
    Next month, order your usual monthly amount again. Use the older equipment, and put the newer equipment in storage to be used next month.
    You’ll be operating with one month’s reserve, instead of having no reserve at all.
    If cashflow is an issue, build up the one month’s reserve slowly: over the next 4 months, order an additional 25%.
  • Place orders with plenty of time. If you have plenty of equipment in reserve, then this can be used for any jobs that come up suddenly. You can then place an order to top up the reserve equipment to where it should be, and there will be no urgency for this order – stress free!
  • Plan ahead. Take advantage of shipping issues as an opportunity to nail testing times, dates and numbers down in advance.
    If you provide drug testing services for other companies, work with your customers to plan out a testing schedule for the rest of the year. Often customers are happy to have this sorted upfront, rather than having to think about it every month!
    If you do drug testing in-house for your company, work out a tentative testing schedule for the year ahead. You can then work out how much equipment you need, and when you will need it by.

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