SC5000 Pro Mouthpieces

$0.50 + GST

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Disposable mouthpieces for the SC5000 Pro breathalyser. Being disposable means that these mouthpieces are easier to use and more hygienic than a reusable and non disposable mouthpiece. After testing on yourself or other people, you can simply put the mouthpieces in the bin to dispose of them!

Although we currently no longer sell the SC5000 Pro breathalyser we still can sell the mouthpieces and calibrate the SC5000 breathalysers. The manufacturer discontinued the production of this breathalyser around 2018.

The SC5000 Pro Mouthpieces are available upon request. Call us on 0800 700 777 or send an email to to request yours!

If you are interested in a breathalyser that is verified to AS 3547:2019, the new standard for workplace alcohol breathalysers, we have the Lifeloc LT7 available. This breathalyser is the best option for a reliable and high quality workplace tester and we are strongly recommending it! The LT7 uses the same fuel cell sensor technology as Police breathalysers, which means it will give an accurate and reliable digital reading of your alcohol level.

Enquire further for information on the LT7 breathalyser:

  • Lease option – $65 per month
  • Short term rental – $200 per month
  • Trial & Evaluation programme – trial the breathalyser for one month!