Alcolizer HH3 Breathalyser

$920.00 + GST

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The Alcolizer HH3 breathalyser is verified to the new breathalyser standard, AS 3547:2019.

This breathalyser is suitable for workplace testing as it has auto and passive testing. We recommend using the passive testing mode for a preliminary test, then if a positive result is returned a mouthpiece can be clicked on and an auto test can be performed. This means you can test a big quantities of people, while saving on mouthpieces!

Some of the standard features the Alcolizer HH3 breathalyser offers is:

  • 36 month warranty
  • Unlimited tests
  • 30,000+ test results can be downloaded
  • Multi-language abilities
  • Instant recovery time for a negative reading
  • Easy to use, screen display

All the Alcolizer range of breathalysers are made in Australia. This breathalyser is built to withstand rugged conditions, as it has a robust design.

To get this calibrated visit the Alcolizer HH3 breathalyser calibration page. Calibration for this unit is required every 12 months to comply with the AS 3547:2019 standard.