Canterbury Health Laboratories Urine Collection Book

$12.00 + GST

The Canterbury Health Laboratories urine collection book is for recording drug test results and obtaining donor consent. Therefore this is a urine drug screening and confirmation collection book in one.

The Canterbury Health Laboratories urine collection book consists of 25 test pages printed in triplicate (75 pages). This means there is a copy for the donor, one for the employer and one copy for the laboratory. Essentially making it easier to share all the correct information with the right people!

If you are after a collection book with more pages, you can view our Drug test Collection book with 50 tests / 150 pages, also printed in triplicate for ease of testing.

To view our urine drug testing products, you can view our Urine drug testing products page on our website.

Some examples of the drug testing products that are used with this book are:

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