Indications that your company might have a drug problem

A lot of companies in safety-sensitive industries don’t do drug testing. If this is you, you should be!

Drug testing is an easy way to take your management headaches away: it helps cover your legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace, and you’ll often find that the most difficult employees actually have a drug problem affecting their performance.
These people can then be helped to change (if they want to change) or helped to find a different job (if they don’t want to change).

Does your company experience any of the following?

  • Repetitive staff absences with little or no explanation
  • Constant low-level machinery and vehicle damage
  • Instances of dishonesty and theft
  • Large variations in productivity from day-to-day with individual people, i.e. mood swings, erratic behaviour and forgetfulness
  • Tasks completed poorly or not at all
  • High levels of disciplinary actions undertaken
  • Sudden unexplained drops in performance
  • Particular individuals that pick fights, or are often irritable
  • These are common symptoms seen when someone is abusing drugs. If they’re erratic at work, they’re also unsafe at work.

If they get hurt in an accident, what is your legal liability in that case?

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